Animal Crossing Abduction

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Game: Animal Crossing

Plausibility: 0/10

Alright so, I did not think of this theory. It merely intrigues me. Let's get started.

What is Animal Crossing?Edit

For those who don't know, Animal Crossing is a game where you play as a child who moves into a village of animals and do chores and for some strange reason, it's a hit. Predictably, It comes from Japan, and the Overlord Company of Insanity, Nintendo. Anyway, let's get to the theory.

The TheoryEdit

OK, so as I said before, Animal Crossing is a game where you play as a child who moves into a village with crap tons of animals. Pretty harmless right? WRONG! This theory proves why Animal Crossing is actually about a child-abduction cult. So, there's this frog-thing that drives you into town at the start of the game. His name is Kapp'n. Well, how did you get in Kapp'n's (?) car and more importantly, who is this duck-turtle thing? The answer is that Kapp'n, is actually based off of a Japanese mythical monster known as The Kappa. The Kappa is known for kidnapping children. When you arrive, there is a house waiting for you. The catch is you would probably have more comfort sleeping on a bed of nails. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of this hellish town known as Animal Crossing immediately set you to work to pay for your house. Oh, by the way, did I mention the Mayor telling you he's always watching from afar, waiting? Yeah, he's weird. The game is literally child labor. Need a comparison between Kapp'n and Kappa? Google it. From a company so "Family Friendly" such as Nintendo, you don't expect this. But, I guess Nintendo has a lot of dark secrets hidden in their games.


So, in review:

  • Animal Crossing is based on a child abduction cult
  • Your character was most likely drugged and woke up on a bus alone, with a talking duck-turtle thing.
  • After arriving, child labor is immediately incorporated, having a ruthless business tanuki transferring all your money to his account
  • The Mayor is watching everything. EVERYTHING. FROM AFAR.
  • Kapp'n is based off of a Japanese monster known as Kappa.

Well, next time you play Animal Crossing, just remember one thing: The Mayor is ALWAYS WATCHING.

What do you think?Edit

Well reader, what do you think about this? Comment down below and please post some theories. Original or not, I'd love to see them!